Safely Remove Android Saat terkoneksi MTP,Haruskah?

Untuk yang punya android mungkin sering menghubungkan gadgetnya dengan PC/laptop.Akan tetapi khusus untuk koneksi MTP terkadang suka bingung nyari tomobol safely remove.

Nah,pertanyaannya adalah kenapa?\

Dan apa perlu disfaely remove sebelum dicabut dari PC/laptop?

Berikut kutipan dari member XDA “textshell”

Galaxy Nexus uses MTP for file Transfers in contrast to older versions that uses USB mass storage (in effect emulating an USB-Stick).
MTP is a lot safer, because the PC doesn’t get to the lowlevel filesystem details, so it can’t ruin them with a bad unplug.

When using MTP worst cases are when the file is still transferring it might not get saved completely. Well in theory android could get confused, but i don’t think that will happen.

With USB mass storage as protocol the worst case is an unreadable file system, but that protocol isn’t available on stock google nexus.

In short: It’s save. 
I don’t do windows, but maybe that’s why windows doesn’t even show the icon: It not needed

Kesimpulannya ga ada masalah untuk langsung cabut gadget yang terkonksi MTP ke PC/laptop.Tapi pastikan transfer data sudah beres untuk mencegah data yang dikopi corrupt ya..


Quick Research,Why Japan Automotive industries Hugely Success in Indonesia And India Manufacturer Eager To Enter


Indonesia as well as other 74 country have a unique way how its traffic shaped. We are driving in right hand drive.

Quoted from the explanation.

When the Dutch arrived in Indonesia in 1596, they brought along their habit of driving on the left. It wasn’t until Napoleon conquered the Netherlands that the Dutch started driving on the right. Most of their colonies, however, remained on the left as did Indonesia and Suriname.

As seen in the list below only japan and india with reputable automotive industry that also join in right hand drive world.

By eliminating research to convert their car to suit Indonesia market needs they can sell their car in a reasonable prices. That become a huge advantage especially when you sell it in a country where the economy is still growing.

And thats why japan and india manufacture love indonesia market so much.

List of left-driving countries

The following is a list of countries of the world whose inhabitants drive on the left-hand side of the road. Most of the drivers of these countries use right-hand-drive vehicles.

1. Anguilla
2. Antigua and Barbuda
3. Australia
4. Bahamas
5. Bangladesh
6. Barbados
7. Bermuda
8. Bhutan
9. Botswana
10. Brunei
11. Cayman Islands
12. Christmas Island (Australia)
13. Cook Islands
14. Cyprus
15. Dominica
16. East Timor
17. Falkland Islands
18. Fiji
19. Grenada
20. Guernsey (Channel Islands)
21. Guyana
22. Hong Kong
23. India
24. Indonesia
25. Ireland
26. Isle of Man
27. Jamaica
28. Japan
29. Jersey (Channel Islands)
30. Kenya
31. Kiribati
32. Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)
33. Lesotho
34. Macau
35. Malawi
36. Malaysia
37. Maldives
38. Malta
39. Mauritius
40. Montserrat
41. Mozambique
42. Namibia
43. Nauru
44. Nepal
45. New Zealand
46. Niue
47. Norfolk Island (Australia)
48. Pakistan
49. Papua New Guinea
50. Pitcairn Islands (Britain)
51. Saint Helena
52. Saint Kitts and Nevis
53. Saint Lucia
54. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
55. Samoa
56. Seychelles
57. Singapore
58. Solomon Islands
59. South Africa
60. Sri Lanka
61. Suriname
62. Swaziland
63. Tanzania
64. Thailand
65. Tokelau (New Zealand)
66. Tonga
67. Trinidad and Tobago
68. Turks and Caicos Islands
69. Tuvalu
70. Uganda
71. United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
72. Virgin Islands (British)
73. Virgin Islands (US)
74. Zambia
75. Zimbabwe

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Why Google Decide To Name Android 4.4 Kitkat?

Simple,Kitkat is the choosen confectionary choosed by google android programmer to accompany then doin the coding.
As quoted from
Google chose to change the “K” release of Android to KitKat from Key Lime Pie in part because, “we realized that very few people actually know the taste of a Key lime pie,” said John Lagerling, Android’s director of global partnerships. The flavor of Kit Kats, he said, is more familiar to programmers than Key lime pie, which happens to be the official Florida state pie.
So nexus clan,are you ready for a taste of chocolate next month?