Economy Run On Toyota Kijang Innova

Hello blog, long time no see.
Well this time I planned to share and review economy run, on cars. Economy run is a race to be as frugal as possible when driving so you get the most KM in every single liter gasoline or diesel.
In Indonesia, some of the automotive brand like mazda, honda(motorcycle) and yamaha(motorcycle) do this pretty often when they have new product. Usually asking journalist to drive the car to race getting the best results. Later they off course share it on newspaper, magazines or tabloid. Basically a free advertisement for them that endorsed by journalist, clever eh….
Ok, my economy run not go that far though. Below is some recap.
Location : jalan tol from Bandung to Jakarta
Total distance : around 140 KM
Car used : Toyota Kijang Innova 2010
Average Km/l in city(no economy run) : 8/9 Km/l
So data above shows innova is a drunk car. It didnt have any doubt to empty your pocket for gasoline in city drive.
Now on economy run, with highway as the medium you definitely have less traffic. You can pulse and glide the car to make it more efficient. But the big question is how much is the improvement?
See number below?
Yes, with being gentle with the throttle and patient you can get better result. From around 9 Km/l to 14 Km/l. Massive improvement indeed..

Calculations done using the car multi information display(MID) only.