Camera Comparison, Mid Ranger vs 2 Year Old Flagship 

Lagi iseng melakukan komparasi kualitas kamera antara mid ranger Android phone tahun 2016 (xiaomi redmi note 3 mediatek, kamera 13mp) vs iphone 6 yg usianya hampir 2 tahun sekarang.

Ada dua foto yang diambil di lokasi dan pencahayaan yang sama.

Foto Diambil dari Iphone 6

Foto Diambil dari Xiaomi redmi note 3 Mediatek

Dari sampel diatas terlihat iphone 6 yg cukup jadul masih jauh kelasnya dibandingkan mid ranger Android phone tahun 2016, xiaomi redmi note 3.


Harga ga bohong sepertinya ya.


How To Migrate From Android To IOS(Easiest Tips/Trick)

In a very rare occasion, someone will encounter opportunity when migrating from Android phone to IOS (iphone) necessary. To help anyone with this kind of issue,here ia 2 best step for migration from Android to IOS(iphone).

  1. Utilize Apple made application to migrate from Android to IOS. In link below, a tutorial to migrate from Android to IOS is prepared by apple already. Do note that this will only work if you start anew with your iphone. This method will help  you to transfer sms,contact and even application that exist in both platform in one go. Another thing to note is data transfer is done via Internet, so this will definitely take awhile. Link –>
  2. Utilize baked functionality in IOS that allows all your Google contact, calendar and email synced to your iphone. This method will not sync your sms, application and other settings in your Android, but at least will make your new iphone able to handle basic needs. By choosing this steps, follow up action will only be installing application as per needed. Note that you can find the option under “setting” then “mail, contacts, calendars” in your iPhone.