Bocoran Cerita Gundam 00 The MOvie

Langsung aja,nih kira2 ringkasan ceritanya:


Descartes Shaman turns out to be not a villain at all. His role in the movie is minor.
– Setsuna appears at the beginning of the movie piloting a Flag and saves Marina from the attack of GN-X that doesn’t belong to the Earth Federation
– ELS’s influence on Earth turns machines to life
– Allelujah and Marie were attacked in Mongolia before being saved by Lockon in Gundam Dynames (!)
– Ribbons appear in the movie, no longer a normal being. He has a fight scene with Setsuna
– ELS is said to be searching for suitable beings to turn them into Innovators.
– ELS’s Fang-like weapon can combine
– Tieria died saving Setsuna from ELS. Raphael Gundam and 00 Raiser Condenser Type were destroyed.
– Descartes Shaman dies in an early combat againts ELS when his ship was invaded by ELS.
– Tieria’s will is transferred onto 00 Qan[T] to becomes its control system together with Veda.
– A colossal ELS structure approaches Earth in 92 hours
– The combat against ELS saw many Federation ships invaded and being multiplied under ELS control
– Gundam Harute was invaded by ELS but Allelujah and Marie managed to escape.
– Andrei Smirnov dies
– Graham Aker dies in an effort to create a path for Setsuna to enter ELS’s main structure.
– Setsuna learns the real objective of ELS is to search for another planet to exist. After Setsuna manages to establish an understanding with ELS, all attacks stop.
– Flashback: Aoelia in his younger days and the true form of Ribbons talks about the future towards the ending of the movie.
– About 40 percent of human kind is now Innovators. They live and work with other people to develop the world.
– An aged Marida and a Setsuna, still in his young age but with a body corroded by ELS mark the end of the movie.