Archer Legendary Poems

Masi keinget mulu ama Archer spell bwt aktifin reality marblenya ‘Unlimited Blade Works’.

pokoknya keren dah..

maen VNnya jauh lebih detail dari segi cerita daripada animenya.

Review VNnya ntar ya kalo dah tamat.Tinggal Heavens Feel nih.Dan kata orang2 ini yg paling seru hohoho..

nih spell/chantnya

“I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unknown to death.
Nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many weapons.
Yet, those hands will never hold anything.
So as I pray, ‘Unlimited Blade Works’.”